Herding Cats: Why I Dislike This Phrase

My comments to this great post relevant to Pagans and Witches and Any leaders of Any groups, because people-in-groups have the same dynamics even if it is the PTA or SCA – “Shauna – i found your post linked from TWH today and really found it relevant, funny and practical. As being the HPT of my HPS and basically running a Coven for 33 years I can tell you that burn out was my main problem. In fact i left for awhile just because of it to “take a sabbatical” but then returned. Now all our degree initiates are such stable hard working individuals it is a dream. Thank you and i am reblogging this at my BSSS blog.”

Shauna Aura Knight

imagesI really, really hate this phrase. Every time I tell people I teach Pagan leadership, they think it’s so funny to bring up the old joke. “Pagan leadership is just like herding cats,” they say with a nod or a smirk.

Like I haven’t heard the joke a thousand times before.

And if you’re one of the folks that has done this–don’t worry, I’m not mad at you. I’m mad that our community in general continues to perpetuate this very unhelpful phrase, this unhelpful story.

This is Part 4 of a series on leadership, so you might want to check those for additional context. I completely reject the “myth” that Pagan leadership is like “herding cats.” Yes, sometime it comes to pass that Pagan leadership is frustrating. Why is it like that? Because we keep saying it is. We make that reality happen. You know–words have power. Words have a…

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