Brighid – Goddess and Saint – Lady of Transitions and Inbetweens

An insightful post with great pics from MG. My comments were – “I see you read that post on TWH where the first pic came from. Nice summary and very nice pics MG. I was reading on a blog, which i unfortunately deleted, speaking of the Wolf and its connection with Brigit and Candlemas/Inbolc. Lo and behold the Roman Lupercalia is Feb 13-15 and is a time for spring housecleaning. I had a recent experience you may have read where during an outside ritual i was burning some paper and took a pic and in it could see the image of a wolf. I think the wolf/dog is connected with Persephone trying to escape Hades and he has sent his hounds of hell to stop her. Look on Wiki for Lupercalia.”

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(Happy Late Imbolc everybody! I was going to make this post sooner, but got too caught up actually celebrating Imbolc – so now I’m doing this late.)

Imbolc is not technically the first day of Spring in the modern calendar, the first day of Spring is officially on the Spring Equinox (March 20th). Yet Gaelic festivals in ancient times did consider Imbolc the first day of Spring. For us modern folk, we can think of Imbolc as a day when nature begins to show the first signs of Spring. Imbolc is a transitory period. The snow on the ground is starting to melt, the birds are becoming more vocal, and new plants are pushing through the frost. It’s certainly not a coincidence that Imbolc is shortly followed by Groundhog’s day – the day when the groundhog determines whether Spring is coming early or not.

The key patron of…

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