Photos from the Dr Fredrick LaMotte Santee House and Bookhouse – from Amity Photos

Incredible skilled photography of the Coven of the Catta’s origins.

Coven of the Catta


Dr Frederick LaMotte house and doctor’s office

I and our Coven are blessed to have contacted the photographer at Amity Photos who has made good contact with the present owner of Dr Santee’s house and bookhouse, in which was our original Covenstead.

Santee house and  doctos office

Dr Frederick LaMotte house and doctor’s office looking from the bookhouse before it was built

SS’s website is Amity Photos and his photographs of Dr Santees house and the bookhouse are at Amity Photos Dr Frederick Santee House.

SS is a superb photographer and editor and his full portfolio is both ambient, tantalizing, skillful and at times just plain bizarre as you can see going through his website. He has been given unprecedented access to Dr Santee’s house and doctor’s office and what remains of the bookhouse both of which are being renovated.

The present owner is rightfully tired of “Santee tourists”, “Wannanbe Sons of Santee witches”…

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