ODB Country Candlemas

I Am doing a serious Candlemas ritual in the temple later today, already have the Orange Crown of Success candle, Green spring cauldron candle and White candle for Persephone lit and will burn some of our Coven’s Healing Incense that Acolyte A__n made for us to replete our dwindling supplies.

Until then this is how an ODB does Candlemas outside in the stone circle while burning some paper trash in Ye Aulde Sacred Burne Barrel. OK, note this is labeled as Comedic so just deal with my twisted sense of humor and don’t get your robes in a twist. LOL.

Candlemas 2014 (1) - Copy

White tealight candle lit before quartz chunk at the eastern gate welcoming Pesephone’s return from the underworld

Candlemas 2014 (1) - Copy - Copy

Close-up of candle before the quartz cave on the yoni stone in the east

Candlemas 2014 (2) - Copy

Candlemas bonfire in Ye Aulde Sacred Burne Barrel with Solar Disk in the south east

Candlemas 2014 (2) - Copy - Copy

Close-up of the flames which to me look like a dragon or more like one of Hades Fire Wolf guardians facing left / east with canine ears and roaring like the fire itself, but then i have a great visual imagination

Candlemas 2014 (3) - Copy

ODB (no that does not mean Order of Druid Bards) God of Winter having lost his horns to be replaced by the Solar orange blaze crown of the God of Summer coming

Well that was fun and i hope you enjoy my silly pics but also i really did start out with a simple outside temple candle lighting and practical paper burning and then went downhill from there. LOL. Now off for a much needed nap and then i will do the Real ritual in the Real COC way and no i don’t think i will reblog this one to the COC blog this time……… BB

Okie Dokie Ya’al i might as well go full Monty and publish this Very irreverent and maybe blasphemous rendition of the Call to the Horned God a ritual i pulled on everyone here for a ritual years ago. I stood behind the burn barrel with an orange blaze hat on holding a pitch fork. Warning – there are allusions in this invocation that are Not Politically Correct !!! It’s a Joke and if you can’t poke fun at your own religion then you will never realize that the gods love a good laugh too and your practice of witchcraft is Way too serious. And you have to live in rural U S of A to really get this.

Invocation of the P___y County God

(Copyright 2014 GLHoke)

Casting the circle

The circle is cast around a burn barrel or burning tire.

The outside of the circle should be littered with crushed beer cans.

Men face outwards and peeing (water), spitting chewing tobacco (earth), blowing cigarette smoke (air) and shooting shotgun rounds (fire) to kill the animal guardians (deer, turkey, rabbit and squirrel) to cast the circle.


By the burn barrel that burneth bright, O Horney One,

We call thy name into the night, come back Geezer-1.

Thee we invoke by mooning thee,

By the broke down car and cut down tree.

Thee we invoke where gather our kin,

By the nameless cabin, on GPS never been.

Come where we drunkenly stumble around,

Horn and butt of that goat that looks kinda good.

By trash bonfire on trailer park hill,

When the hunted out wood is hushed and still

(cause all critters are dead).

Come when I go online to my favorite MILF site,

As I moon my old lady with a flatulent air.

Evoke thy powers with Viagra,

In the shining stream of pissing on a tree.

In bonfire flame, by starlight barely seen,

In the shadows where ole perv Uncle Bob can be seen.

And by the dirt road frat boys haunted,

Of deer trails wild and meth labs enchanted.

Come O come to the hard country rock drum!

Come to us who are still standing up!

When my ole lady’s broad while moon is slowly falling,

Through the burned tree tops to the sky above,

We hear thy booted feet on the way from the outhouse.

As drunken redneck witches shake and seize,

By fear and terror we know the police are nigh.

We speak the spell thy power unlocks,

At bonfire, beerfest, and sweet 16 party,





OK for those of you not familiar with Doreen Valiente’s Call of the Horned God here is the real incantation the silly poem above is based on:

Invocation of the Horned God

“By the flame that burneth bright, O Horned One,

We call thy name into the night, O Ancient One.

Thee we invoke by the moonlit sea,

By the standing stone and the twisted tree.

Thee we invoke where gathers our own,

By the nameless shore, forgotten and lone.

Come where the round of the dance is trod,

Horn and hoof of the Goat-foot God.

By moonlit meadows, on dusky hill,

When the haunted wood is hushed and still.

Come to the charm of the chanted prayer,

 As the moon bewitches the midnight air.

Evoke thy powers that potent bide,

In the shining stream and the secret tide.

In fiery flame, by starlight pale,

In the shadowy host that rides the gale.

And by the ferndrakes faerie haunted,

Of forest wild and woods enchanted.

Come ?  O Come !  To the heartbeat’s drum !

Come to us who gather below,

Where the broad white moon is climbing slow.

Through the stars to the heaven”s height,

We hear thy feet on the winds of night.

As black tree branches shake and sigh,

By joy and terror we know thee nigh.

We speak the spell thy power unlocks,

At Solstice, Sabat, and Equinox.”

IO Pan      IO Pan      IO Pan      Evohe !

 OK i am Obviously going to Hades instead of the Summerlands or Happy Hunting Grounds after This post…..

Addendum from the next day – Looks like the Goddess isn’t happy as on Ground Hog day he Did see his shadow which means 6 more weeks of winter according to this Dutch tradition, and here is the scene here this morning, 3 inches and still falling but hovering around 30* at least.

morning snowfall on the stream copyright 2014 GLHoke

Morning snowfall on the stream

All photos copyright 2014 GLHoke

8 thoughts on “ODB Country Candlemas

  1. I can see a few things, firstly because I read the post I noticed the wolf, a fire drake, then a demonic kind of fire face, then a little fire faerie at the top. But I have a ‘very’ vivid imagination. And suspect the hounds have not had their say yet. Love the mention of the faerie fern drake in the last citation by the way :)

    • i have a couple other interesting images in fire if you want them just email me Lorna and remind me what i am to send you, just waking up here with big job of wet snow sleet to shovel today coming up.

      • Please do send them over. There’s alot to meditate on here. Whilst to me the Wild Hunt calms down at this time Gwyn’s reign isn’t over until Beltane, which Gwyn and Gwythyr’s battle reflects… Gwyn’s abduction of Creiddylad has alot in common with Hades abducting Persephone, with Arthur stepping in to return Creiddylad to her father’s house whereas Zeus returns Persephone to Demeter…

        My feeling is that at this time the hounds are still out and about active and winter is still at the door. Last year we had snow late April. On Tuesday evening on a stormy night in the shadow play between my windswept hair and the shadows drawn by an approaching freight train on a local park I had a fleeting yet vivid encounter with a white hound. We were both utterly surprised yet it felt like a moment of total recognition. So they’re certainly not gone yet.

        And as you mentioned Lupercalia is 13th – 15th to February, the festival of the mother of wolves and thus all canines I believe. I think this is significant.

        • I guess i only had one pic, will email it to you. i get a lot of strange pics in thick incense smoke and have learned to skry rather well in watching it over at ye aulde hex house, that little cabin i have next door, but it is too cold to go there now. i am more a cat person than a dog person but like i have said i am initiated into Anubis so he balances out Bastet. My birthday is next week so i always hate February because it is the coldest month here and i turn older and have major cabin fever even though the days are getting longer. You know the Latin, Greek and Celtic myths more than i do so you see more correspondences. I just know Persephone from our second degree initiation but you know the Celtic version of nature being held in the underworld then slowly coming out, escaping, but she does not need a man to do that, unless part of the draw is desiring Pan instead of Hades again, wink. Your poems of late have been very helpful to me, like watching one more step every day of what the gods are doing this time of year one day at a time. Blessings and warmth to you sister.

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