Lady of Peneverdant, Candlemas

My comment – “A beautiful Candlemas poem and picture from Lorna. I just lit my temple candle for a ritual alone this afternoon. I will light a candle outside also as it is fairly warm and windless and maybe some rain later. We ARE making it through winter with some hope. My coven members are doing their own during the day. Hey yesterday was the first day above freezing here in 3.5 weeks, yea. And i heard my first sign of spring yesterday, a Harley driving up my road. Bikers are hard core in PA, lol. Goddess bless you and yours. BB. L/S”

Signposts in the Mist

Church Wood, PenworthamIn my labyrinth of ivy and fay light
Do you feel the thrill of the wind?
On my hill the candles are burning bright.
In my chapel the flame is renewed and blessed.

As I cast off my winter garments
Do you hear the choir of spring?
Blue-tit, coal-tit, robin and wren
Embellish the skies as stained glass rings.

Where sycamore, ash and ivy join
Do you see through the eyes of trees?
Framed by leaves little red caps rejoice
To the fiddles of fern on the breeze.

In my labyrinth of ivy and fay light
Will you find your gossamer wings,
Carry a candle back through time
And waken the towns to rites of spring?

Candle for the Lady Of Penverdant

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