the two truths

I think this is a good blog post by this SE coast witch and want to share it with you. Blessed Be.

love by the moon

In this cup lies all the world’s wisdom, And I will share it with you.. Froud (GF/BF.. i believe)

Saturday past woke me with anticipation.. I had a planned sojourn to the coast with one of mine to visit Walking Bear. As always, he refreshes my spirit and makes the day to day a little easier to go back to and I was looking so forward to seeing him. I had plans to visit my grave and so was up early collecting this and that needed, still thinking on (as I had been the night before) of what I would want to do once we went to sea. For just a moment I saw her reflected in the altar’s ball, shining white with a crowning mass of coral where her hair should be (things have really been sneaking up on me lately) and an hourglass. She said I had but…

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2 thoughts on “the two truths

  1. Thanks for sharing this. It’s interesting to see how people in different places do ritual. Coincidentally a friend of mine owns this deck and has done a couple of readings for me which have given me grounded advice and steadfast support (in contrast to my Faery deck!)

    • She is such a simple witch with no hidden agendas and i know i would like her in person, no bs at all. yea sometimes a reading from someone else is most enlightening. ttfn

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