So Many Posts, So Little Time, Finally catching up and just Rebloging my Favourites from this Week

Lightening Indian Horse

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I spend yesterday doing almost Nothing pleasurable on the computer (no, i am not talking about that those of you with dirty minds). I was literally surrounded 180* with medical paperwork of letters and statements and bills writing a long letter to Medicare. What fun.

I Finally got round to reading about 20 blog posts i had bookmarked and will post a link of three from A Bad Witch’s Blog here and here and here, The Wild Hunts Unleash the Hounds and Invocatio’s Mysteria Misc Maxima January 31st 2014. Enjoy, and thank you all for your Great posts and posts of posts of posts ad infinitum….

Once you read them i can say i guess i did OK for the Chinese New Year of the Wood Horse, did clean the house expecting guests today who cancelled, didn’t cry, but its hard for a witch to not wear black, and i did cut some mail open, so i guess i did OK. I did light a candle to a nice old thick brass Dragon plate i have.

OK with all the news stories about the Pope’s blood gone missing – It did turn out well made into a sweet rasberry jam which i will have on peanut butter on a communion wafer for the upcoming Sabat. LOL. Just kidding NSA!

You all have a blessed Candlemas and a wonderful weekend.


Crowley’s Babalon by Freida Harris – drinking the blood of the saints…….