Wendigos and White Walkers

I read this awhile ago but she reposted a link to it recently so thought it worth a reblog. I believe in Wendigos and i swear one night when i lived out in the woods i was sitting out there in the dark, and there is this deer trail through the trees to the next field and then the big mountain. All of a sudden i could Feel the presence of the eyes of something big and not human but curious but not threatening standing there on that deer path, just watching me. It creeped me out and i quickly went indoors. Only felt it once and never saw anything with my eyes or heard anything.

The Bad Witch Files

 He had learned about the Windigo at his father’s knee. It was a large creature, as tall as a tree, with a lipless mouth and jagged teeth. Its breath was a strange hiss, its footprints full of blood, and it ate any man, woman or child who ventured into its territory. And those were the lucky ones. Sometimes, the Windigo chose to possess a person instead, and then the luckless individual became a Windigo himself, hunting down those he had once loved and feasting upon their flesh. (Schlosser, S.E. “Windigo: A Northwest Territories Ghost Story [of the] Ojibwa First Nation.”)

Wendigos (also spelled Windigo and Weendigo) are North American folkloric creatures who eat—and sometimes possess—human flesh. Not entirely unrelated to vampires, these creatures are considered “un-dead”—but unlike vampires, they consume the whole enchilada, not just the sauce, and they tend to leave a trail of body parts…

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