“The Ents andTaliesin’s Battle Of The Trees” from The Dance of Life blog

heart tree 2

Beech with Heart – Copyright 2014 GLHoke

I have been wanting to reblog this for days, this wonderful post and animated video on Taliesin’s Battle of the Trees from The Dance of Life blog. I especially liked the second half of the video which Is a version of the Song of Amergin. Besides his post and video i loved his Pinterest page of Tree Ents or trees that have human or elven features. Enjoy and Blessed Be.

Taliesin’s Battle of the Trees

Hmmm, can’t seem to embed it, so just hit the link above. And you know i just Have to have pics in my blog so enjoy those, but this post is about the post and video linked above. Bad me.

heart tree 1

Closeup Beech with Heart – Copyright 2014 GLHoke

These tree pics are of a tree along the stream which not only has a heart shaped hole but also has many old and new hearts carved into it with so and so loves so and so. It was at the end of an old bridge which washed out back in 2006, the stone piers of which are still laying downstream from me and my bro used his SUV and a big chain to drag one piece up as a step for my bridge.And here below is a pic of part of the pier on which these old timers who built it carved their initials and names in the crude concrete.

old stone bridge piece 2