I Personally Think US President Barack OBama’s State of the Union Speech was Great

I actually stayed up to start to watch the yearly State of the Union speech but usually go to bed before it is over. Last night i watched the whole 1.5 speech and I was impressed. I know it is just a speech, and written by him with some help, and love to watch John Boehner’s facial and body language reactions, and i can tell you with all the standing ovations this is the most exercise the members of congress have in a year, lol. It is also always interesting how the Judges of the Supreme Court never clap or rise, because they are the third pillar of our government which is to remain detached from the President and the Congress.

I think what i remember the best, and i paraphrase as best as i quickly wrote it down last night. President Obama said – “America must move away from our constant war footage”, which means to me that we as a powerful country will hopefully not waste our blood and treasure fighting wars where there will never be a winner over usually nothing but oil and male bravado. We Will support as best we can what we perceive to be the good guys vs the bad guys, hopefully by UN definitions, but the world is so frigging mixed up now who knows who is good or bad? I know some wars, like WWII, were justified or the west would be speaking German right now. No affront to our German pagan brothers and sisters. In fact if you or i lived in Germany post WWI we would all joined the Nazi party, which started out as a nationalistic political party, but ended up as an extermination machine. I know 90% of wars are over religion or property and resources.But the male ego in the past and present drives them both.

I am almost 61 years old and i do Not Ever remember when we were not in some war some time some where and almost got drafted to kill human beings in Vietnam and  i am sick of it. I lived through the Cold War and do not have kids primarily because i just figured they would all be fried by nukes.When Reagen and Gorbachev, neither of whom i liked but they were the leaders for their times, signed the first nuclear peace agreement i signed a huge sign of relief. Before them Churchill and Roosevelt were the leaders for their times.

I worked 7 years in the ER and saw more shot and stabbed dead bodies than most of our brave soldiers even in recent wars, well maybe just as many. I know the smell and emotion of death, and the grieving of families which is even worse than picking up brains off the ER floor and carting bloodless white bodies to the morgue.

I am for peace as much as it can be achieved. I hope tribal wars from millennia ago that continue yet today with bigger and better and smarter weapons just STOP. the Blood Feud must stop. We all live on the same planet. There are enough resources here if we are smart and frugal and control our reproduction and move from fossil fuels to solar and geothermal and wind and wave energy sources. Otherwise Mother Earth will shake us off like fleas off a dog.

Anyway, enough of my rant, here is a great speech if you have the patience to watch it and have not seen it already. End of sermon. Amen.