Homophobia in Paganism

My original comment was – “Well written and i think i will reblog it. One of our priestesses in NC has big Beltane and All Hallows gatherings with ritual and late one night she heard some guys dissing some gays and kicked their asses right out and told them to not come back. She is a tigress that way, lol. BB. Lee / Shawnus” But i can now add my own experience from the mid-1990s where a famous Dianic witch writer was coming to town to give a lecture so me and my gf called to get tickets and i was told i could not come because i was a man. So there i was the 3rd* high priest of a coven for 15 years at that point and i could not hear a writer i liked because i had a dick between my legs????? That kinda pissed me off, no pun intended.

Pagan Activist

gay triple goddess pentacle

~by RevKess

Homophobia. Biphobia. Transphobia. Each term implies an irrational fear of someone or something that is different. That’s just it. Irrational fear. Unfortunately the Pagan community is not immune to such fears. They are present in the Pagan world just as they are in every other aspect of human civilization. Unlike arachnophobia, which can be founded in something real – a person bitten by a brown recluse may be very afraid of all spiders afterwards – these phobias are more a result of cultural influence than anything real.

Personal experiences: I feel lucky that in my early years as a Pagan and an openly gay person that I did not face these phobias from within my new community. I came out of both the broom closet and the gay closet at the tender age of 14 while attending a small rural high school. I was harassed in school for…

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