My Fight as an Ordained Witch Priest to legally perform Marriages in Pennsylvania

Coven of the Catta

Fire priest ritual

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As you all know i am Shawnus Merlin Belarion 3rd* High Priest of the Coven of the Catta. I started my path 33 years ago and about 7 years later attained this level of initiation. There are three others at the level of 3rd* HPTs and HPSs who are active in our coven.

I and others are also registered online as a minister in the Universal Life Church which does not mean much to Federal, State or County governments, but i still encourage everyone who is part of a “fringe religion” as society thinks we are to become a minister through them and to support their cause.

Our coven has a Handfasting ritual and i can Handfast anyone who asks. But that is a Witch ritual, not a legal marriage. There are two pagan friends of mine who May decide to get legally married some…

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3 thoughts on “My Fight as an Ordained Witch Priest to legally perform Marriages in Pennsylvania

  1. hunny i feel u but in my country i cant even start an odinist circle koz odinism/asatru is not legal and in order to make it legal i have to have 1000000(yes one million) signed followers-the fucking xtian church is hand in hand with the fuckin government

    • Oh dear that is horrid. Its like Putin and his anti everything ideas still rule over the Romanians. One friggin million signatures to be labeled as an official group? That is obviously a high hurtle some politician came up with. Hell there are probably not even a million Catholics who would sign if they were not already in power. The sad part here is the Constitution says certain things but the states just do what they want until dragged into the supreme court which takes years, even decades to do. Take care and blessings.

  2. Addendum 5 Feb 2014 I have been contacted by a Rev Ellen of the Hearthside Haven in Connecticut and she is offering us some advice, yea.

    Addendum 6 Feb 2014 – Jason at TWH posted about our fight at but instead of referring to the About page I have asked him to link it to this post.

    Addendum 7 Feb 2014 I have been contacted by a Lady Emrys of the Covenant of the Goddess branch in nearby Philadelphia Pa who is offering some advice, Yea.

    Addendum 7 Feb 2014 per Lady Emrys I have contacted the Lady Liberty League which is part of Selena Fox’s Circle Santuary.

    Addendum – 19 Feb 2014 – filling out paperwork for recognition by COG but don’t have the money right now.

    Addendum 19 Feb 2014 – meeting with all documents in hand with the registrar at the county courthouse tomorrow morning.

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