Two Interesting Videos on the Paranormal including the Shadow People and the Old Hag etc…..

I am posting some videos on the Shadow People and such phenomenon, but at the beginning what blows me away is Steven Hawkins saying basically “yes we now know for sure that there are other dimensions with beings overlapping and impinging onto ours” which is my paraphrase of exactly what his quote was, but which explains a lot of things from the fey to aliens to angels and demons etc ad infinitum (is that the correct Latin spelling?).

The first film is about an hour and a half long and the second about a half hour long.

Pleasant night time driving and walking and sleeping he he he he……

6 thoughts on “Two Interesting Videos on the Paranormal including the Shadow People and the Old Hag etc…..

  1. Even though my logical brain is saying that the footage is doctored, those films just made me keep looking over my shoulder!

    • Yea most of it is just guessing at bad footage, or witnesses who could be delusional, but the Steven Hawkin’s small interview blew me away. If you want to get the sht scared out of you watch the documentary drams The Fourth Kind which give me chills just to write those words. I could only watch it twice. It is about alien abduction up in Alaska. Look it up on Amazon as it is fairly cheap. I sent it to my horror film buff student in Florida whose scare fetishes are dolls, clowns and spiders. I am OK with spiders, but dolls and clowns, they just keep starting at me. LOL.

  2. Hi Lee, I haven’t managed to watch these yet but I’m looking forward to seeing them. I too have seen The Fourth Kind twice, I thought it was very intense and eerie, made me feel a bit uncomfortable you know, butterflies in the stomach type.
    I’ll let you know about the video’s, thanks Lee :-)

    • Well its the weekend so some spooky videos to watch, lol. I watched The Fourth Kind twice and swore i would not watch it again n am getting chills just typing the name n have lent it to a friend in Florida. Do u think those scenes on the psychologist’s table are real or staged? I think real but i know they can do anything nowadays. That cop car cam footage of the UFO n the kids flying up the beam just freaked me out for sure. Take care n glad u and i enjoy each others posts my friend.

      • I’m glad we share many interests too, Lee. I’ve got an open mind about these things, I think the film makers took the evidence and created the movie but could not substantiate anything with sure-fire proof.
        It’s a story told by those who are maybe convinced of it’s authenticity and that is what has been portrayed and dramatised I think, not researched and studied in an unbiased way.
        I still see us (humans) much as children in our study and understanding of physics, especially about space travel from worlds which are thousands or millions of light years away – so at the moment the jury is out!
        I find things like this fascinating though and it always triggers my imagination as to what it would be like – fascinating but scary!
        Cheers my friend and have a good week :-) James.

        • I remember as a Boy Scout being out in the dark woods looking up at the stars and feeling sooo small, then when i got a telescope for xmas i was just blown away. i actually wanted to be an astrophysicist at one point, but math skills not That good, just liked to look at the sky… Cheerio

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