Priest of Anubis – Daddy’s Got a Brand New Kemetic Statue

Anubis 2

Anpu / Anubis – unknown source

I am Most Blessed in that i can say i have been a Priest in 3 religions, once for a short time an ordained monk in the Korean form of Zen Buddhism, still a High Priest 3rd* practicing for near 33 years (though it took me about 7 years to get all 3 initiations), and even before that an initiated Priest in the Cult of Anubis. I am Not blowing my horn but rather feeling So blessed to have been at the right place at the right time to have met my Initiators.

Decades ago i made contact with an African American woman who lived in Philly and who had  been to Egypt and received several Kemetic initiations. She came to my very small rented house and we crowded in my very small living room crowded with maybe a dozen friends and fellow witches. I had a hand made black painted plywood octagonal table with a plywood hand made white pyramid on it with a few candles and crystals. My initiator had hand painted for me on papyrus an icon of Anubis, as seen in the pictures. She then initiated me as a Priest of the Cult of Anubis as she called it.

Its funny I am a Priest of a lineage represented by a canine animal, and am a Priest of a lineage represented by a feline animal. So Anubis (or more properly Anpu) and Bastet are my Totems, plus the Serpent of course. BTW Anubis daughter is Kebechet who is snake headed. You can Wiki these deities and those mentioned below if you are not familiar with them. I am too tired to link them all right now.

Anubis Statue and Paintinng (1)

Anubis Statue and Icon – Photo Copyright 2014 GLHoke

Of late being poor and frugal i have not bought anything like this Anubis statue for awhile, but my girlfriend’s daughter, who is into Anubis, told me her boxes of stuff including Her statue of Anubis and the canoptic jars i gave her had finally arrived from where she previously lived. I guess maybe i was a little jealous so started searching on Amazon and found This One which looks a metallic silver but the description said black, and it is. I did not want one of the fancy ones with his staff and gold paint, just a simple iconic image.


Kebechet the Snake Headed Daughter of Anubis who helps with the embalming process

When he came i washed him in salt water, like the sands of Egypt are soaked with, then knowing he did not like water but heat i put him to dry on the propane heater, then put him on an altar with the aforementioned icon. I lit a red solar candle for him and wanted to burn some Anubis incense that I and the aforementioned daughter made from a traditional Egyptian formula from the old texts. So i found a clay flower pot bottom dish (clay, like as is in Egypt) and put in what i used in incense burners some black (Black = Khem = Egypt) aquarium gravel and have been burning incense to him yesterday and today.

My gods do you know what i just realized? The shelf Anubis is on is full of African and Haitian Vodoun Lwa, and Anubis is right next to Babaluaye, and he is always depicted with two dog companions! And where i have placed Anubis is opposite my witch altar where i have images of Bastet, as cats and dogs often do not get along. I sometimes think the gods tell me where they want their statues placed instead of me deciding, lol. In fact in the Tibetan temple i have the Phurba deity Vajrakilaya on the opposite side of the room from Rahula and the Nagas and Naginis as they are opposites too. What this does i have found is create a magnetic field of opposites which do not cancel each other out but instead the Magickian / Witch can tap into for his/her workings. BB and Hail Anpu!

Bastet green

Bastet – unknown source

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  1. This is absolutely fantastic. Thank you for sharing this. I’ve only been serving Anpu for 8 years; I wonder how my practice, work and such will look like when I am in your shoes!

    I find it interesting you note that your Bastet and Anpu statues are on opposite sides while mine are side-by-side.

    Dua Anpu!
    Dua Bastet!

    • Thank u for yr kind comment Sarneth. If i had a separate Kemetic altar i am sure they would both get along just fine because they are in various stories brother and sister. In fact all the Kemetic deites and humans seemed to interbreed so they are all the children of Ra. I am not a Kemetic expert so can’t comment with any real knowledge. All i know is what i was taught and initiated into. Dua Anpu!Dua Bastet! to you too. If u ever want to communicate off this site my public addy is shawnuscoc@! and if i come to trust you i will give u my private addy. I am not a troll and i am here to serve and teach. At almost 61 on 11 Feb and having been on the www since it was invented and having a pc since 1986 I tend to be cautious and hope u understand.

      • You are most welcome.

        I totally understand, and caution would be something I would advise too. I have my own experiences with Bast and Anubis, not all of which are supported by what survives in the texts and such. I’d be happy to keep up conversation; thank you for extending the invitation!

        • I have had no negative experiences with these deities, but then i am an acolyte of them d/t my initiations into their Kemetic “cults” so they are friends though i know and respect their true power, even into the present day. Cautions is advised for sure as their power remains intact. They have truly transcended time and are here now. Yr direct email contact would be good, and i assure you sir that i am not a troll but a gentleman and a scholar. BB

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    It is my view than Many of the Mystery Religions that spread across the Middle East and Europe originally came from Egypt and that ISIS is the Primal Goddess. In our Coven the Goddess Bastet is our patron and totem animal. For me personally the God Anubis is also important as a Magickal ally for my Witchcraft. Thus Bastet and Anubis work hand in hand for me and for other members of our Coven of the Catta. Blessed Be. Shawnus Merlin Belarion 3*

  3. Just wondering, if you’re willing to share, what your duties as a priest for Anubis and Bastest involve. Do you make offerings for them regularly? Do they offer guidance and / or ask you to fulfil certain tasks? What kind of role do they play within your coven?

    • That is a complex question but i will attempt to keep it under 200 words, lol. Its just like you and Gwyn ap Nudd but i don’t have an oracular relationship with either. As one who has worked in the hospital with the dying and the dead Anubis is my mentor and by my side. I basically make offerings to him at the new moon, as i do with the Buddhist/Hindu Mahakala. When i am in a dangerous area or even want to know if a cop is behind me (and i stay within 5mph of the speed limit) i will see him as a guardian at my back and evoke him by touching both shoulders like he is behind me. Regarding Bastet we in the Coven of the Catta do NOT worship cats or even Bastet as one of our Goddesses, but i DO worship her as a personal Goddess within my temple, worshiping her with offerings at the full moon. And i appeal to her when my cats are ill. Like i said in the post i think ISIS is the primal Goddess of many western and middle eastern religions and that she crept in to BTW via the Gypsies.

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