Lancashire Boggarts

Lorna usually write mostly wonderful Druidic poetry, but this post is about the Boggart in England. My comment was – “Very interesting post on this Boggart critter. And good links too like the second one listing collier disasters. I was just emailing another blogger who lives in another part of the UK about a house she found where the owner talked of ghosts and how a big mining disaster happened there in 1835. As it is a private email exchange i will withhold any more info, but it sure is an interesting synchronicity. And i imagine those peak cutters when finding a bog person sacrifice would connect the two phenomenon of an elemental and a ghost together. That’s the question – do wandering ghosts feed the old angry elemental types? I am going to reblog this so thank you so much.”

From Peneverdant

Boggart, Faery Ring TarotBoggarts are a type of spirit found in Lancashire and Yorkshire. In The Lancashire Dictionary Alan Crosby defines a boggart as a ‘ghost, sprite, evil spirit or feeorin.’ He says ‘there was scarcely an old house or a lonely valley which did not have its terrifying tales of creatures which roamed, shrieked and caused havoc – though most do not appear to have been especially malevolent, and some were just a nuisance.’ (1)

There are numerous boggart sites and tales in Lancashire. An old farmhouse in Boggart’s Hole Clough in Blackley was haunted by a creature with ‘a small shrill voice’ ‘like a baby’s penny trumpet’ who played tricks on the residents and their children. Having decided to leave, as they made their departure they heard the shrill voice say “ay, ay neighbour, we’re flitting you see.” Realising wherever they went the boggart would follow they turned back. (2)


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