Religious Minorities and Christian-Dominated Schools – from The Wild Hunt

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Onward Christian Teachers, Marching on to School

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This morning I read Jason’s post on The Wild Hunt entitled Religious Minorities and Christian-Dominated Schools about a boy who was harassed for being a Buddhist at a PUBLIC SCHOOL which is funded by all us taxpayers. The quotes from the teachers and board and what teaching materials he was given and most importantly the very vitriolic things the teachers actually said to him like “maybe you should go to a school with more Asians (idol worship pagans who are going to Hell anyway) was absolutely SHOCKING to me.TWH just posted this yesterday and with mine at last count there were 103 comments already worth reading through too.

Now i know in the South things are a little different, less lawyers and such, but thank god for the ACLU who took u this case. I used to belong to the ACLU but with my dwindling funds left it drop. I need to start giving a little to them and Doctors Without Borders again, the two causes i have always supported.


I have a friend who lives on the Florida panhandle next to Louisiana and if he puts out Halloween decorations that are anything more than the standard autumn decorations of hay bales and pumpkins that ladies from the churches knock on his door and tell him how Halloween is worshiping Satan, god’s truth.

I can’t remember the exact Jesuit quote nor by whom in particular but it goes something like “Give me a child at age 5 and i will make him a Christian for life”.

There has Got to be a Separation of Church and State in this country like it dictates in our USA Constitution !!!


Gym Class at Public Schools

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4 thoughts on “Religious Minorities and Christian-Dominated Schools – from The Wild Hunt

  1. Are there no religious equality laws to protect students of other religions in the US? I bet any Pagan kid would have an even worse time of it at that school. And as for the Halloween thing…Grrrr can’t stand that kind of religious bigotry its kind of like a small scale version of the destruction of the Buddha’s of Bamiyan: we don’t believe in THAT therefore we must destroy/eradicate it.

    • Yes there is the constitution which dictates separation of church and state, but the school boards are locally elected and forward their agenda, onward xian soldiers and such. BTW the South is really still not part of the US in many people’s minds as they are still fighting the Civil War. There is a fine balance between the feds and states rights here.

      • Church and state should be kept separate in my view, after all in the multi-cultural socities of the West, it is probably the only logical solution.

        It’s interesting that the south is still perceived as fighting the Civil War, as a history nerd I always find it hilarious when people think history doesn’t matter, if they only watched the news they would know how much history has shaped our current state of affairs!

        • Yes in a public tax payer paid for school religion should only be talked about historically. If you want to sent your kids to a fundie or Catholic school then the parents have the right to do so. I don’t mean to diss the south, as northerners are notorious to do, but that is the reality with a minority, not the majority. “Those who do not learn from history are bound to repeat it” someone said.

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