Everything you Ever wanted to know about Swords


Tumblr image edited for the Christians who “Like” my posts

I was researching the names of the various parts of a sword and found this website Albion Swords which has EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about every kind of sword made in Europe. It has tons of links and tons of definitions including the various ways of manufacture. It is an invaluable reference website. Enjoy!


Various Magickal Tools from the Solomonic Grimoires

6 thoughts on “Everything you Ever wanted to know about Swords

    • yea i found that pretty fast and have yet to explore all its links. i love everything to do with swords of course. you know T i feel like f__k it i want to reblog that burlesque post again as i really do not think it is too over the top and i rely on your opinion. what do you think?

  1. Nudes in art are an ancient tradition – never understood what people’s beef is with it!

    • You know i got a little paranoid twitchy when i posted the burlesque post then pulled it and god damned it i am going to repost it as it is really not that bad and if people don’t want to follow the links they have been bold print notified, and even those aren’t that bad, just tasteful eroticism in my opinion.I just don’t want under 18s reading that type of post. So i photoshopped out the parts of women here in this post that are for some strange reason offensive. In the history of the world and many societies top nudity is fully excepted. And in the sword woman pic her genitals were just a dark triangle shade. I will email you the original.

      • Burlesque is really ‘in’ just now, and no longer seen as quite so shocking as it once was. Lots of women do burlesque now as a recreational form of artistic expression and empowerment as well as for its erotic appeal. Be a devil, LOL, publish and be damned ;0)

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