Shadow People: Cinema, SUNDS and Superstition

This is really good and gave me some chills. Read the article, which is about a brand new docudrama film about Sudden Unexpected Death Syndrome or Sudden Unexpected Nocturnal Death Syndrome (SUNDS). Unfortunately the YT video is not available in the US, fk us. And then if you are interested in my long comment it is at the bottom. You all have a good night’s sleep now, he he he.

The Haunted Palace

The Shadow People (2012): Film by Matthew Arnold

Shadow people 2012SPOILER ALERT: if you are planning on watching this movie, then avoid this post!!

The other day I was just browsing through YouTube when I came across the straight to DVD, 2012 horror film, the Shadow People. Initially I was a little wary about watching the film as I am not known for being one of the bravest people when it comes to scary films (I am completely unable to watch anything to do with voodoo or demonic possession without hiding behind a cushion or friend). So I was a little concerned about what effect the film would have on my overactive imagination. The clinch was that the film opened up in Cambodia and being at the moment a resident of that country, I was immediately hooked. I mean there are not many films of any genre that begin in Cambodia!


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