Three Asatru Perspectives: Universalism, Folkism and Tribalism

I told MG – “Excellent clear overview, and great links here and at your previous post. I am going to reblog this because i do not practice Asatru and i think my followers, some of whom do, would find it of interest. Blessings.” Read the interesting comments that are piling up too.

Metal Gaia


A majority of my information in this post will come from Uppsala Online

The words “Heathen” and “Asatru” today refer to the modern revival of the old Pagan Norse/Germanic religion. The main difference between these two words is that Asatru refers to a specific set of beliefs in this group – while Heathen is a broader term referring to all Neo-Pagans who follow a Germanic/Norse pantheon of Gods and customs.

Asatru specifically is a modern Icelandic compound of the words Áss (which refers to the Aesir Gods) and trú (which literally means faith). So, question to the crowd, what does this mean? True booty? No. Asatru translates into a faith in the Aesir Gods. (Vanatru has the same roots and refers to the worship of the Vanir). If you are curious about the difference between these two groups, feel free to do research. But today I want to talk specifically about…

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