Momijimatsuri at Jishu Jinja – Kyoto, Japan – Dedicated to the Shinto God of Love – reblog from KP

I am sitting here with a deluge of snow falling all around, just watched the news and weather and wrecks everywhere, expecting 3-6 inches here and 8-12 to the south. I am TRYING to go thru all the blog posts i bookmarked but can’t seem to keep up, lol.

So here is a cool video from Karmapolice showing a Japanese Shinto temple to the God of Love and their rituals. When she unsheathes that sword i think “love hurts” and when she sheaths it again i see the Freudian symbolism of course. I am going to embed it below and then under that the commentary from YT. Enjoy!

From YT:

Jishu Jinja is a small shrine hidden above some steps in the Kiyomizu Temple grounds. Although it is small, it’s very popular and is always bustling with people. So why is it so popular? The answer is ‘Love’. Jishu Jinja is a shrine that brings you amazing ‘Love’ fortune. On this day, the shrine was busier than usual because of the Momijimatsuri (Autumn leaves Festival). The Momijimatsuri is a festival that gives thanks for good harvest, and also gives thanks to the ‘God of Love’.

The event included three types of NohDancing. ‘Momiji no mai’, ‘Tsurugi no mai’ and ‘Oogi no mai’.

The event was only for an hour but it was action packed with drumming, dancing, chanting and praying. Enjoy!