“Crowley’s Wand and the Museum of Witchcraft” – from A Bad Witch’s Blog


Photo Copyright 2014 The Museum of Witchcraft

It took me awhile to get all these permissions but i wanted to reblog A Bad Witch’s Blog post about “Crowley’s Wand and the Museum of Witchcraft”.

As a Witch and Thelemite I found this story and the pictures very interesting. I would say since the wand is “A slender wand consisting of a series of cylinders of bone or ivory decorated with black and red bands and circles, and held together by an iron rod through the core.” that it is made in the Golden Dawn style with elements pulled from the older Solomonic Grimoires and would be used to evoke angels and banish demons. It is not a witches wand but one a ceremonial magickian like Crowley would use.

I received an email from Hanna Fox at The Museum of Witchcraft to use the photos that are Copyrighted 2014 by them and are labeled in the Crowley exhibit #2569, The photos above are Copyrighted so do NOT suck them off this blog or the source blog’s post or I will evoke Uncle Al to stick his wand up where I am sure it has been before and which he would love to do !!!

I would like to thank Lucya and Hanna for allowing me to share this special story with you all. BB/93


Photo Copyright 2014 The Museum of Witchcraft