A Beautiful Project: Junk, Art, and Autism

My comment was – “Great video and project and links, and a better understanding of those with autism. I like the quote “they can make art because they aren’t Concerned about making art”. I also liked the bedsprings re-purposed into a trellis for tomatoes! I am going to reblog this, so thank you. Blessings.”

A Vital Recognition

This video for the Kickstarter project “The Monument Project: Africa” is short, beautiful, and inspiring.

Three things about the project presented in the video that touch me personally are the practice of using repurposed items, art being the domain of every person, and Autism and autistic people being recognized and supported.

I strongly encourage anyone who resonates with the ideas of sustainable living, art, and/or support of autistic people to contribute something to this Kickstarter project.  Please share information about this project!  The project will only be funded if the goal is met by January 29th

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