Deep Winter’s Magic

I love this poem by Lorna and love the quote by Heraclitus, so insightful and true. BB

Signposts in the Mist

Mortals are immortals and immortals are mortals, the one living the others’ death and dying the others’ life.’

Two worlds revolve:
night and day, life and death,
seasons switch place
in opposition.

The huntsman in the stars
has ridden from Annwn
leading those who like the cold
from summer’s feast

down silver roads
where wild wolves still howl
and deer run from thickets
into mist and through the veil

down wagonways,
fords and old oak pads
by owl light to meet
in ancient tryst.

Only moonshine illumines
their revenant forms
returning to my home town
every year;

the hag who stores
her soul within a stone,
the woman picking sloes
that are not there,

the boy on the bridge
with his tale of a ghost town
turning pale as he descries
that he’s the ghost.

When worlds collide,
day and night, death and…

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