Mysteria Misc. Maxima: January 17th, 2014

As always Kudos to Sarah for her Friday posting of links interesting stories from religions of all kinds. When i read about Catholic devotional practices of rubbing the BVM’s breasts for fertility it reminded me of what is done by Hindu women with their Goddess statues. The link on Mindfulness was interesting how the Zen mind may reduce more creative thinking. I liked the link on Cults and found another new religion blog at The Telegraph. And of course stories on Satanism are always interesting and sometimes amusing. Regarding Albion Calling’s interview with Dr Jenny Butler on Irish Paganism i had reblogged his link in another reblog at BSSS and added a video (more audio) of another fascinating talk she gave on Irish Fairy Beliefs. That lady knows her stuff for sure. Enjoy all these links from Invocatio!