New Listing on Witchvox for Lady Ember Willow Hawk

Happenings at our Coven of the Catta

Coven of the Catta

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I have had a personaland Covenlisting for the Coven of the Catta for quite awhile, both of those listed for the town nearest to me. I also had one up for the Covenup in Berwick PA which is where our elder High Priestess Lady Alsace Isa Bri and newest High Priestess Ember Willow Hawk live, and in the latter i mentioned them both and services available.

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Cat Moon sticker in my BOS initiates page Photoshopped

But we figured out since Lady Ember is now a 3rd* and taking on students we kept her personallisting and added a new Coven listing just so it would appear on the Adult Groups page at WV. I think this will give her the respect she deserves up there and will make it easier for people searching on WV to find us easier. I want to personally thank her…

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