Interesting Google search regarding the Coven of the Catta

About once a month I will do a Google search on our Coven of the Catta just to see what is out there. You can hit the Google search link above to see the pages and pages of references both to our coven and to what people have written about on their blogs, websites and even on forums. And a Google image search is even larger. Most of the links come back to my blog or booklets i have written, and many go to old posts that have broken links to no longer available YT videos and incorrect URLs back when my blog was a website.

On the image search i have found a few Tumblr images that were stolen right off our page, even though it says they are copyrighted by me. Its difficult with Tumblr to Really find the first person who posted them, and if i do i email them and ask them to be removed, but of course they still exist on the sites of people who have reblogged them, so that is a useless exercise unless i start putting copyright transparencies in the middle of the images. Postscript – after contacting that Tumblr blogger i went back and the image was gone, so kudos to him or her.

More disturbing is finding a witch forum in which people claim to be what they are not. But I don’t “bite” back because i am tired of all that politics and it is Not why I am a witch running a coven. Such things are just irritating mosquitoes and you know you can argue on a forum until your fingers bleed on your keyboard. All I can say is “Karma’s a Bitch”…..

The most interesting thing i found was a hip hop video by RA SCION in which he uses the name Coven of the Catta, which i have embedded below with the words to the song. The name links to their website. Now I am no expert on interpreting the real meaning of most rap or hip hop songs, so i do not know if it is a compliment or a diss. Who knows? If anyone can enlighten me on their interpretation please do so. But I found it very strange because we are East Coast and he is West Coast. I have emailed them to see where they got that name. Postscript 13 January 2014 – wow Ra actually emailed me back. He found me the same way i found him. Look at the website and go to the lyrics page especially Horn and Hoof and even Ex Oriente Lux, straight out of our coven!

RA SCION – In Veneration (words from YT video site)

Blood moon about to burst
Spill the secrets of seekers it revealed along the search
Teach us to be supreme leaders we must know the worth
Of the science behind the lines drawn back to old earth
Coded by birth, son of the Coven of the Catta
Semi-aquatic being started breathing underwater
When the rains came, washed away the sin of my enemy
Surfaced with a new verve, current purged me of enmity
My sympathies extended by centimeters and inches
Seen how many men have been senselessly pitted against us
I know the road to Hades is paved with sweet intentions
But killers, cheaters and villains is chillin deep in the trenches
Keep on the leading the infantry, we can just see the entrance
The grand vision of its magnificence in the distance
Our patience and persistence ’bout to pay off in an instant
Can’t wait to introduce you to the proof of your existence

The benediction been offered up in your honor
Come and have a seat at the feet of mother and father
Take a taste of the fruition of the seed of the farmer
Drink of the cup of plenty, want for nothing any longer
Sanctify my soul as I prepare the poor acknowledgement
An utterance of praise is all I gave unto the goddesses
Merciful are they to make a space for the incompetent
Figured I’d been forgotten for failing to scale the monument
Followed the trail of documents, found they doctored the authorship
Fraudulent scholars, postured in front of commoners
Got em all up in arms, they hollering, paying homage
I’m watching em from the margin caught up in my own astonishment
Stop and ponder the obvious: how are you not a sophist?
Are you not a philosopher trotting around as prophet?
Are you honestly moderate, modest, spotless or flawless?
I take account of mines and try to be conscious of all of this and

Let it go… Let it come…
Let it be… Never done…
Open me… Let me out…
Repurpose me… I’m ready now.

Trials filter through my faculties
Each a badge of her honor, colored patches on my tapestry
Cloaked over my shoulders, I hold it closer to balance me
You acting like you haven’t been challenged to your capacity
Walk more, talk less, absorb, process
Feel your way around the scents and sounds of darkness
Come into your conscience, congress, conference
Calmness — silence the preponderance of nonsense
Execute your action — implement your strategy
Practice on the internalization of your majesty
Bow before no oligarch, pray to no diaconate
Own the fact your station was not created by accident
Peace to the establishment, death to evil’s agency
Known to be abrasive, polished stone is what they made of me
Grateful for the mechanism, hateful towards machinery
Bottom end, try and comprehend just what it means to me to

Let it go… Let it come…
Let it be… Never done…
Open me… Let me out…
Repurpose me… I’m ready now.

Like i said its always interesting to Google your own name or the name of your group or blog or website, always interesting…..

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    • I wrote those books. If you go to the COC About page there is a link for a free download of them in PDF file. I sent that post to my gf’s 19 year old daughter to see if she can translate hip hop for such an old fogie as myself, lol.

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