TWH Links on Hutton, Pagan Britain, the Templars etc.


Google image map of Templar strongholds – Source

I found these links at The Wild Hunts Links Roundup. I especially liked the ones to a Review of Ron Hutton’s Pagan Britain book, The dark deep roots of Britain’s fascination with Witchcraft, and at the latter i found Forget the Da Vinci Code – this is the real mystery of the Knights Templar. The latter has a video embedded below and looks like it may have 9 parts. There are lots of other great links at TWH also.

Postscript – I watched or rather listened to all nine of these videos, which are also at their websitesite and found them to be into Many interesting parts of Goddess worship history and probably what the original Templars were all about. Enjoy

8 thoughts on “TWH Links on Hutton, Pagan Britain, the Templars etc.

  1. Great post, I have a fascination with the Knights Templar!
    BB, James :-)

      • “Ordo Templi Orientis” is that correct? I’ve been reading “The Knights Templar Oasis” – Salem Massachusetts. Interesting, have you been baptised or confirmed?

        • Yes. There is an Oasis in Reading, a distance away too far for me to travel with this illness. I am a second degree and am baptized into the ECG. I find the OTO to be a little too male oriented for me as a Witch and too many people follow almost fundamentalist “Crowlianity”. I used to be the Deacon in the Gnostic Mass and enjoyed that a lot. If you want to email me try my public one and then i can give you my private addy. 93/BB. BTW do you know Lorna of The From Peneverant blog She is a poet, bard and environmentalist and lives near the Ribble.

          • You’ve done well, mmm…am I right in thinking that traditional free-masonry was based on the work of the Knights Templar, I was just wondering about the male orientation? Sorry it’s like this for you at the OTO.
            I will certainly e-mail you, it will be my pleasure. I do know Lorna and we follow each other, we have had some nice conversations about the Ribble we both love, I’m grateful you thought of me though :-) James.

            • Well there was Masonry then Free-Masonry and the Templars are a whole other lineage with various theories of its origin. It did continue in some forms fro the Crusades in the Knights of Malta etc, but Crowley revived the system based on some German contacts, at least according to him. We can continue this conversation by email tomorrow so just put our addy in the gmail and i will respond from my real addy. I figured you and Lorna had stumbled over each other in the mud of the Ribble some few times, lol

              • I am not greedy, but there is something about the feel of old silver and copper in my hands. I can’t stand the feel of gold for some reason. I also Love old iron hand made tools and my dad and grandpa had a lot of those i have acquired, made in America, unbreakable and incredibly designed.

              • That’s great, will do and we can speak tomorrow.
                Yes, I can just see Lorna with my minds eye, stuck in the mud ha ha!
                See you tomorrow and I’ve enjoyed :-)

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