Who defines Satanism?

OK i swear to satan this is my Last reblog of the day (fingers crossed in an X of course). My comment to this great post was “Yes, Satanism is not defined as anti-christian, though that is a phase in its development, but rather should be defined as pre-christian paganism and post-christian enlightened humanism, whether modern practicers think of satan as an idea, philosophy or deity.”

Devil's Advocates

Is this what you think of as Satanism?

Or this..?


I doubt if I am far wrong to imagine that still for a lot of people (maybe the majority) the word Satanism conjurers up images of morally and sexually depraved people who torture and sacrifice animals and even humans, who take pleasure in doing every form of evil just for the sake of it, and that such people are virtually mindless sub-humans who have given over their free will to an entity that is the most extreme caricature of everything that is vile, ugly, depraved, disgusting and evil. And if they ever come across a person who doesn’t seem to fit neatly into that description (like me possibly) that will be because Satan and Satanists are also masters of deceit and deception.

Which is a convenient way to hush up dissenting voices. Most dictatorships use that strategy at certain times.

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