God Spouses and Sex With the Divine

Metal Gaia is on fire today with her posts. This one is well written and well researched with great links. Being a Shaivite i have always been fascinated with the Hijras. In old Khmer Cambodia and in Thailand once a year a woman who was possessed by the Queen of the Naginis (serpent deities) would wait on the top of a temple for the new king to spend the night with her to prove his worthiness to be king for that year. In her post MG says “I bet most our current politicians wouldn’t be able to find the clitoris with a GPS.” LOL. Hell i don’t even need to blog today as i am reblogging a lot of your posts, so thanks!

Metal Gaia


One word that I’ve recently seen pop up in the Pagan Blogosphere is “God Spouse.” It means exactly what it sounds like: a person who marries a God. Is it possible to marry a God? Does the Honeymoon take place on Mount Olympus? And can you imagine an episode of “Trading Spouses” with this theme? But anyways, I digress. My quest to find more information on this phenomenon was limited, but I’ll try to cover the basics. I’m guessing that the amount of information on “God Spouses” is sparse because of how new the term is.

Yet while the term is new, the concept is as old as ancient history. In ancient primeval rites, there was the idea of enacting a sex act with a God or Goddess. There were also priests who stayed celibate and devoted their lives instead to the worship of a particular deity. This practice has…

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4 thoughts on “God Spouses and Sex With the Divine

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I’ve also raised an eyebrow at bloggers who claim to be god spouses. It’s interesting to hear the history of the concept. The parts about priestesses taking a goddess’s role to initiate a king and sacred prostitution, even if I don’t agree with the ethics I can understand as viable. And I can understand someone having a patron or matron deity they pledge to honour above all others for the rest of their lives. Yet to marry a god… in some situations their presence alone blows me away… to me that’s just unimaginable.

    • Yea i am not really into the “godspouse” concept and have read some who practice this and it seems rather radical, but whatever floats their boat and enhances their spiritual practice. I, and i am sure you too, have also heard of unmarried older people taking on spirit husband or wives of the newly unmarried dead, or even of mermaids or other fey.

      • I’ve heard about relationships between humans and mermaids or fay but not spirit partners… I guess if a god was to come to the person in human form, like in the Norse myths… and even in the Celtic / Arthurian myths the gods appear as very human-like (Pwyll could easily have slept with Arawn’s wife for example) the deed would be doable. However I think living with the consequences would be the tricky part. Hence the taboo (Pwyll was told NOT to sleep with Arawn’s wife, Gawain was told NOT to sleep with the Green Knight’s wife etc).

        • those newly dead human spirit partners are sometimes used in Vodoun or in SE Asia and are a little creepy as it is almost like enslaving a fetch, unless the spirit is willing. Maybe that is where Casper the friendly ghost came from, lol. It is also probably similar to the Kabalistic method of making a golem using one’s sexual fluids. I have done things in my youth of evoking various succubii of the various elements and can tell you it is mostly a psychological magickal projection, but there is always the danger, as in Vodoun, of feeding them too much and they turn very agressivly “hungry” for more and can lead to a spirit hard to get rid of, which is why magickally it is best to constrain such spirits in a govi jar or poppet one can then dispose of returning it to the elements.

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