The 7 Golden Rules of Blogging

I think this blog post by Christian Mihai is very good, and there are tons of good comments too. My own comment is at the bottom but i will past it here too – “Thank you as this is some very good advice, and i will probably reblog this article. I have been blogging for about 2 years and it is a lifesaver for me as i am disabled so am at home most of the time on the pc. I love reading others blogs and do reblog a lot which is easy with WP but sucks with Blogger. I always notify the person or ask permission to reblog a picture or snippet of their writing. I try not to be too personal about myself but do occasionally write such because a blog is Not FB (which i do not even belong to). I do find white on black to be easier to read and always have to put a picture in and try as much as possible to put its source. I have increased my categories though older posts are not labeled thusly. When I go to a new blog the First thing i do is read the About page. And if the layout is taxing (like some irritating back image that is always there you have to read through) then i probably won’t investigate it. Once i find a good blog i read the Whole thing over days and always look at who they follow to find new ones. I think having a calendar is important too for people to keep their place doing that. Thank you again and i will go through your whole blog over the next week or so. Blessings.”

Cristian Mihai

It’s Blogging Week here at Cristian Mihai blog (yeah, I don’t have a fancy name for my blog). We’ll talk about blogging, different tools that make blogging easier, and other stuff. The other stuff is mostly related to some of the do’s and don’t of blogging, what works and what doesn’t.

Everything you’re about to read is common sense. So, please, don’t expect some 3 step tutorial to gaining a billion followers.

And now for today’s post. 7 Golden Rules of Blogging.

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