Our Witch Ancestors Do come back from the Other Side to Help Us

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Coven of the Catta

witch ancestor altar

Witch Ancestor Altar

I am posting this rather personal entry, something I would not usually share on a blog, because I think that various witches and pagans will appreciate my story of how our late witch teachers and initiators Are still there on the other side and Do at times come back to help us. All these events, except for the first dream, happened to me in the two weeks prior to my recent LS spine neurosurgery.

I have always said that I am really not that psychic, though I do have a few gifts at times. My elder High Priestess Lady Alsace Isa Brie aka Jeannie is Very psychic and gives reading for clients using palmistry, tea leaves, and card readings using regular playing cards as she was taught in her native Australia. She sees our late teacher and initiator Lady Phoebe Athene Nimue aka Lady P.A.N. aka Janeeā€¦

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