“When Trees Disappear” and then the Spring Returns – by Chas. S. Clifton

Tree above and below

Tumblr picture with multiple sources

I found this wonderful story of Nature’s destruction and then rebirth linked from The Wild Hunt – Pagan Voices. It is a post by Chas.S.Clifton in his Letter from Hardscrabble Creek blog (check out his About page and Wiccan Pagan Animist books) in a post entitled When Trees Disappear which is an update of the last two years (so read his links too for the big picture) since a forest fire ravaged the mountain behind him from the viewpoint of a small mountain stream and it’s rebirth with the rest of nature. I think it is a wonderful story with great pics and i especially liked the one of the bear cub drinking from the spring. Enjoy!


Tumblr picture with multiple sources

3 thoughts on ““When Trees Disappear” and then the Spring Returns – by Chas. S. Clifton

  1. Beautiful and moving story. Just shows how delicate individual life is, yet how strong and resilient nature is.

    • Yes nature always seems to rebound, and i plan on checking out the rest of his blog which looks pretty good. I recently saw news on Lake Tahoe out west, which i have seen, and which is the bluest lake there is being just spring and rain fed, and how development over the last few decades has caused soil runoff to make the water brown at the edges, and how they are digging up parking lots and returning the southern part of the lake to wetlands as a filter, so that is good.

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