Some Idiot Painted Marie Laveaux’s Tomb Pink! – from Dorothy Morrison

marie laveau's tomb-by dorothy morrison

Copyright Dorothy Morrison and permission to use under request

I found this story at The Wild Hunt yesterday linking to a post at The Art of Conjure blog entitled Wicked Witch Extraordinaire Dorothy Morrison Delivers Evidence of a Pink Marie Laveaux Tomb. And not just pink, but Pepito-Bismol pink. Vandalism or Devotion? There are a lot of links at TWH and Art of Conjure blogs. I think it is just some crazy person who got it into his/her head to do this some drunk drug crazed night. But as you can see from the picture above there are already X marks on it for prayers to the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans.

Here’s me at the originally white washed Marie Laveaux Tomb circa 1990s. There were pieces of red brick laying in front of it to make one’s wish mark, plus offerings of candles and flowers etc. We went with the Park Ranger as it was very dangerous with shady types skulking around the tombs ready to jump and rob you. I also found a piece of what looked like the end of a human finger or foot bone at the base of the walls in which people were interred and then when they had decomposed to bone those were pulled out to put the next body in. It was hot as hell down there, and i think that was in early October. The shops downtown had the most amazing real bone artifacts and other Vodoun paraphernalia. In one of the open outside markets is where I found my wood carved statue of Babaluaye which i bought and carried on the plane under the seat in front of me which was occupied by a Catholic priest, lol. Bet he had some wild dreams that night, lol. From there I got into Vodoun a little as other Lwa followed Baba home with me.

Lee at Marie Laveaux's Tomb 1990s

Photo copyright GLHoke 2013

but taken in the 1990s decades ago.

Wicked Witch Extraordinaire Dorothy Morrison Delivers Evidence of a Pink Marie Laveaux Tomb
Wicked Witch Extraordinaire Dorothy Morrison Delivers Evidence of a Pink Marie Laveaux Tomb

6 thoughts on “Some Idiot Painted Marie Laveaux’s Tomb Pink! – from Dorothy Morrison

  1. I saw the post on Patheos, and was shocked that someone would do this. I have always felt a huge pull towards New Orleans, and Marie Laveaux, but have never had the chance to visit yet.

    • I was lucky in that at the time i was dating a rich gf who took me along on a business trip which took about 4 hours of her time in a conference and the rest we just walked around. I have never had the money to travel and that is the farthest except for hitchhiking across the country when i was a hippie, lol.

  2. One day, I am so totally going to go to New Orleans! I’m afraid to admit I have been hooked on American Horror Story:Coven series recently, and Marie Laveau (played by Angela Bassett) is a character in it. I also came across her name in a post I did ages ago and meant to find out more about her…hmmm..,.project for the new year perhaps!

    • I have not been able to stay up late enough to watch Coven but my friend told me the latest one with Marie Laveaux is the best, so when i am recovering from surgery i plan on downloading them on Newflix or Amazon instant video. Right now i am hooked on Hogfather having watched the first of four. I can barely watch any American shows unless there are older more experienced actors in them, or better yet British actors. I can’t stand the “teen angst” of the Vampire shows, lol. Marie Laveaux was actually two or three women, grandmother, mother and daughter who carried on her name and practices. She has become a Vodoun Santo for sure.

      • Coven is fab – great cast wonderfully OTT performances and twisted storylines – yeay! I bit of a US TV junkie when it comes to the dark side of things: Walking Dead/Game of Thrones etc all of these seem to have strong casting and great stories (and plenty of distinguished Brit Actors to boot!). Have to agree with you – I hate all of the pretty boy vampires and fluffy werewolf cr@p that is saturating popular culture at the mo (and I can talk as I read ALL of the Twilight books when they came out and they were PANTS! I forced myself to finish them just to see if ANYTHING interesting would actually happen!)

        • I can’t afford the premium channels but have seen a couple of Game of Thrones and Vikings, will have to watch them on Netflix. I have watched the first and second of the three part series “She Wolves – England’s Early Queens” (part 1 of 3) which is pretty interesting especially from a feminist viewpoint. Talk about “bloody England” lol. I got through page one of the Vampire Chronicles and it was talking about a football captain and a cheerleader and stopped right there, lol.

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