Christmas Crimes – “Stealing from the Dead” and Stealing from Grandmas

Wreath_email copyright Ed Snyder 2013

Photo copyright Ed Snyder 2013 permission requested

I found this blog post at The Cemetery Traver – by Ed Snyder today called Stealing from the Dead which tells about thieves breaking into a the nearby Philadelphia cemetery then prying off and stealing the bronze doors to several mausoleums and vaults to try to sell as scrap metal, but good luck with that as the scrap buyers are hip to such scams and know the legal and monetary penalties if they are caught accepting these items. Now they have chains on some of the doors to make carrying two of them chained together almost impossible, but then that is what bolt cutters are for. I guess someone might have gotten the money for a day’s worth of alcohol and heroin from that dastardly deed. We used to chain tombs to keep the dead in, but now we have to chain them to keep the living out, but then there have Always been tomb robbers, and may the gods of the dead reek their vengeance upon them.

Chained_emaill copyright Ed Snyder 2013

Photo copyright Ed Snyder 2013 permission requested

And speaking of horrid Christmas thefts – My gf works as a home health aid, and one of her elderly Grandma patients had placed monetary gifts in cards for the grandchildren under the Christmas tree, and told her a previous aid (who is now fired and charged with the crime, having failed the lie detector test) stole $1000 in cash from those cards !!! So just how low on the moral scale can someone go to steal from the elderly (whose insurance is employing them), and from grandchildren, and on Christmas?!!!