Vincent Price: Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol (1949)

I am not sure what is going on today. There was no rush hour traffic, and when i went into town the grocery, pet store, bank and post office was closed. Oh, that’s right, its Christmas, lol, just kidding.

What a friggin day. The Grinch brought me my gift today, a complete crash of my computer with it constantly wanting to restart and i have worked on this from 7am until now 7pm. Computers are wonderful they work but a pain in the friggin ass when they don’t for sure. I kept restoring the OS from various set points until i had to go back to the original settings from when it came out of the box less than a year ago. Now i have to reinstall ALL the programs i have installed over the past year, and lost most of my latest bookmarks. Luckily i backup all my documents and pictures on flash drives once a month. I have no viruses and keep my pc clean, so who the frig knows what happened. Can I say I HATE WINDOWS 8 !!!

Anyway i saw this video on a now lost blog the other day and though you all might enjoy Vincent Price narrating a 1949 version of A Christmas Carol, a combination of horror and lots of ghosts. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Vincent Price: Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol (1949)

  1. Ahhh that voice: a perfect blend of erudite aristocratic and dark sinister-osity! Love it!

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