Hall of the Bear King

I have followed Metal Gaia for awhile, but for some reason never fully explored her page links at the top of her blog like Poetry, Gender, etc. I found this poem and illustration about the Great Bear spirit, which is evident here where I live. Some of the old AmerIndian shaman spirits that still walk around take on their form. I have an old hand painted hex sign of a standing bear within a kind of buzz saw mandala which is very powerful, given me by a powwow witch in our coven, and am amazed by its power. And this time of year the bears still have not hibernated since they are tearing down my nearby relatives bird feeders, but luckily have not found mine again since they like to roll them around and down into the steep banked stream which are hell to get out. Enjoy the poem relevant to this time of year and blessed be.

Metal Gaia


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A visitor, I enter the dark wood
A kingdom far from home
Yellow eyed spies surround me
Away from man I roam

The wind tumbles forth
White Winter Lips whisp warning
Who am I? Dare enter this wood?
Great Hall of the Mighty Bear King

Birds flutter by
Winged whispers in the dark
The Wren, The Raven,
The Crow and the Lark

“Who, Who?” calls the Owl
Accusing eyes bright
Who dares trespass?
Our great hall this night?

The Wood grows darker
And I, more alone
The path a scant whisp
Hazy as smoke
White as bone.

And then hail, he enters.
On a throne of moonlight.
Fierce eyes shining defiant.
Smoldering flames of the night.

Hail Lord of Old.
Mighty King of the trees.
Hail Lord of Mystery
Bear King, you call to me

You are a primitive monster
Before you I tremble in fear
True power…

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4 thoughts on “Hall of the Bear King

    • Thanks Talia, and you and yours have a fun holiday too. I could use the Reiki for my back surgery Monday. And remember my 800th post that YOU are the one who got me into blogging!

    • I don’t get many down here. When my nearby late uncle was alive he used to feed them, and they can get huge. I am not afraid of them unless near cubs or if they are about 3+ years old. One was headed across the bridge towards the house one day and like a fool i stood on the bridge waving my arms and yelling and luckily it backed off. One female recently mauled a girl who got between her and her cubs, but she is OK. I’m just glad we don’t have grizzlies or polar bears, just the east coast black or brown bear.

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