The Green Elf visits Santa and Ms Claus

I took a flight today to northern Alaska where I was lucky to find Santa and Ms Claus at a snug little coffee shop today. Santa confided in me that he really IS an ancient Pagan god, and that Santa only started wearing red and white when Coca-cola took over his later image.

Santa and Ms Claus and Lee Yule 2013

Actually Santa and Ms Claus are good friends of mine, and Santa looks like this all year round, minus the suit, with long white hair and a long white beard and he is most jolly. And Ms Claus is the Best cookie maker in the world who starts on her mega-batches of cookies right after Thanksgiving. Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “The Green Elf visits Santa and Ms Claus

  1. What a Great Photo ! Thank you for sharing !
    Happy Yule and Blessed Be,

    • Yes it was good to see them in their roles as i did not get out to see them last year. Its fun watching the kids come in all wide eyed too. They are both naturally jolly people so they are very convincing as the Claus couple.

  2. What a nice way to spend the Yule holiday! Seasonal blessings to you! Cassie

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