Mid-Winter Sunlight Shining on the Stones

Throughout the year I love to watch how the changing angle of the sun strikes throughout the house. During the summer I have a lot of trees that shade me, except to the west, and as i live in a valley with a mountain to the SE and a hill to the NW I see less direct sun beams. But during the winter with the leaves off the trees the sun shines in on long beams from the South and SW. Here are some pics I took yesterday as the sun set, shining in on some beautiful stones and fossils on the back porch. Enjoy!

Winter Sun 2013 (1)

Various round and oblong stones found in the river. In the back is an AmerIndian pestle and scraper found at a burial spot near the Covenstead which were in the Santee bookhouse which Lady Phoebe gave to me. In the center is a stone with a white serpentine inclusion.

Winter Sun 2013 (2)

Fossils of crinoids, shells and waves from an ancient river or ocean preserved in sandstones, and what i call Fred Flintstone’s cell phone on the far right, lol, at least 500 million years old. all photos copyright GLHoke 2013. But they are of high resolution so you can download them to your desktop and magnify them a lot to see the details.

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