Old Year’s Decline

This is a great poem, but it rather jolts me at the end “as the sun stops”. I personally mostly hate winter, especially January and February (and i get older this month too). But i am sure Lorna will have more poems that will keep me and us in good cheer through the long winter.

Signposts in the Mist

Old Gods, New DruidsI discovered this book a year ago at the same time I discovered Druidry. On a re-read it has been fascinating returning to parts that have inspired and shaped my relationships with the Old Gods and nature spirits of my local area, as well as finding new meanings to fit the present period of my life. The title alone has a magical resonance.

Old Gods. Robin Herne is a polytheist Druid who lives in East Anglia. He runs an Eisteddfod in Suffolk and is part of a long running Clan whose patron deity is Ogmios. He writes about Druidry due to his conviction `of the existence of the Gods.’ This sense of passion and connection flows through the book, affirming and celebrating their existence. My own life has been characterised by a wild desire to hunt for the divine; my restless and insatiable mind and feet leading me through fantasy…

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