Family Traditions & Real Witches

I just found this blog this morning by tracing a Gravitar of a Like on another blog, and i like this post and what i have read so far, and he lives in Pennsylvania just like me! BB


In the magickal community, there is some controversy regarding the validity of family traditions, or “Fam Trads” as opposed to standard ‘traditions‘. What’s the difference? There are many traditions, such as the Gardnerian Tradition founded by Gerald Gardner or the Cabot Tradition founded by Laurie Cabot, named after those who developed these particular traditions. Many traditions are usually taught with a specific focus. For example, the Cabot Tradition teaches Witchcraft as a Science, an Art, and a Religion. There are other cultural and deity-specific traditions, such as the Italian Tradition and the Dianic Tradition. On the other hand, a family tradition is one in which magical knowledge is passed down through the generations of the same family. It is debatable whether this could still be called a family tradition if this knowledge is given to those outside the family. Many claim to be Hereditary Witches who allegedly learned a form…

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