The Witches Wheel of the Year with Many Names Old and New

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Coven of the Catta


Witches Wheel with some of the old names

There have been volumes written on the Witches Wheel of the Year with its various festivals and names from around the world, some names probably original to the Gardnerian and Alexandrian lineages, and in the last few decades many names from their original sources in the UK, Germany, various parts of Europe both western and eastern, and even names from the Catholic church. We all know from those books that the Christian church originally put their feast days on the same or near same day as original pagan festivals from the countries they conquered. I am neither an historian nor a linguist, but below are listed some of these names and then at the end I wish to put forward a theory regarding the names our coven, the Coven of the Catta, uses.


Witches Wheel with some of the newer names


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