Kogi Tribe Makes Film to Save World: Aluna

My comment to this post and video was – All I can say is “wow” or “shit”. And today i read they found another component in greenhouse gasses that could last a hundred years or more http://archaeologynewsnetwork.blogspot.com/2013/12/new-long-lived-greenhouse-gas-discovered.html#.Uqo7sOLJP1A

Metal Gaia

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20 years ago, a tribe in Columbia called the Kogi made a film about the world’s end.

They call themselves the Elder Brothers, and the rest of the world The Younger Brothers.

They predicted a rise in global temperature, storms and violence.

Yet we Younger Brothers did not heed their warning.

Now they’re trying to warn us, once again.

Will we heed their warning this time around?

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2 thoughts on “Kogi Tribe Makes Film to Save World: Aluna

  1. I remember watching the first documentary, and being absolutely blown away by it, and just knowing that they would never be able to make the rest of the world listen. Well, we ignore their warning at our own peril.

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