Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll, The Occult…and Satan

Here’s a great synopsis of this often misunderstood subject. I have not watched the long video in it yet but like what i read so far. Metal Gaia, who is quite the connoisseur of All forms of metal music explains Satan’s various appearances over time. Enjoy!

Metal Gaia

Exploring a world of sex, drugs, rock and roll….and Satan.


DISCLAIMER: Pagans are not Satanists. Christians talk more about Satan than Pagans do. This article also does not represent every Satanist’s point of view, it just is a basic summary of Satanism in music and modern practice. This is not an article telling people to go worship Satan, it is merely examining the practice as well as the idea of Satan in other areas of cultural life. 

Although it is controversial, it is true that Satan has popped up in the subject matter and lyrical content for many heavy metal and rock bands throughout the years. Most of these musicians are not Satanists themselves. So why has Satan and Hell been a popular topic in the realm of Rock and Roll? I’m here to explore this theme and put some popular misconceptions about the whole deal to rest.

Music and…

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