The King o’ the Cats

Since our coven is the Coven of the Catta with the Cat totem I just had to reblog this very interesting mythology and the great links therein. Meooowww.

The Haunted Palace

As a child I used to love stories about cats: Jeffy the Burglar’s Cat, Gobollino the Witches Cat, Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats – basically if it had a cat in it I would read it.

My all time favourite was the trilogy of stories by Barbara Sleigh charting the adventures of a little girl called Rosemary Brown and the witches cat Carbonel.  I loved these books because they revealed a whole night-time kingdom ruled by cats that coexisting alongside, but unobserved by the humans in their humdrum daylight world.  Plus, it also explained the purpose of those big colourful jars of liquids often seen in the windows of chemists shops:  a prescription from one jar allowed you to understand the language of animals, from the other vice versa (I can’t tell you how much of my childhood was spent plotting how to get hold of some!)

The King…

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