Krampus glücklicher Tag – Happy Krampus Day!


It’s December 5th, Krampus Day, that wonderful time of the year when the dark side of St Nicholas aka Santa Claus comes out to rein and reek havoc on all of those who have been “naughty” whether adult or child. I find this old Pagan holdover, which is coming back in Europe and even in the US, to be very refreshing as more and more Christmas commercials appear on TV and the fantasy of our modern commercial orgy manifest. Switches instead of sugar plums start to dance in my head, lol.


Here’s a great link to the The Truth About Krampus from the Atlas Obscura website, which contains a lot of good pictures.

And another called The Rise, Fall, Rise, Fall and Slow Rise of Krampus.

And finally here in nearby Philadelphia PA marks the third year of their Krampuslauf or Krampus Run, which looks like a lot of fun and i hope some friends can attend next year. Hey, its the only time of the year you can put a collar around your children’s necks and drag them around on chains and run after them with switches, or run after women with whips, without being arrested for assault or child abuse! LOL. Enjoy!


And i just found this link at Karmapolice blog on the Slavic Ded Moroz who is definitely cooler than Santa

Note – all photos and drawings from these websites or older sources beyond copyright dates.

6 thoughts on “Krampus glücklicher Tag – Happy Krampus Day!

  1. As somebody who has been chased down the street a few times by Krampus in Austria, I can vouch for the scariness of this character! Bad girls like me had better stay indoors on the 5th December!

    • He seems like a survivor of the Horned God of Winter more in Scandinavian and German-Austrian lore. Now you will never see Santa again without his Shadow, and wonder about those elves, lol.

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