Not Remembering Charles O’Hara

Here is another man who had the privilege of meeting that plain wizened little man and wise man Charles O’Hara. You can read our conversation in the comments section of my original post. I guess i remember him so well, not just because i am surrounded by Buddhist thankas, rupas and implements i got from him, but mostly because of his quirky and generous spirit. Blessings to his spirit that he may be reborn in a land where Buddhism is practiced and into a good family.

Atomic Geography

I just ran across a post, Remembering Charles O’Hara at Blau Stern Shwartz Shlonge.  The post describes Blau’s memories of Charles O’Hara, and asks others to share theirs.  A small part of the post follows:

I first met the late Charles O’Hara in the late 1980s to early 1990s. My Buddhist friend back then, Dave K, and I would drive the 150 miles or so from Harrisburg to the little town of Susquehanna Pennsylvania, just south of the border near Binghamton NY and along the thin northern branch of the Susquehanna river.

We would park in the back and walk up through the yard to the back porch which had huge crates from Nepal stacked all over. It turned out he was a major purveyor and importer of mostly Tibetan Buddhist items from Nepal and northern India, and was a major supplier for Snow Lion, some people there still remembering him.

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