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I was going to wait to post this tomorrow on Thanksgiving, but here it is today, a wonderfully written article by Lauren at her blog. The best part is about Thomas Morton, whom i had never heard of before. To quote her post – “Who was Thomas Morton? Essentially the first British Pagan in the American colonies. Thomas Morton wanted to create a Utopian society that took the land and the “Old Ways” into consideration and integrated them with Native American practices for a new society in the New World.” I also found a good article on Thomas Morton at Wikipedia, and at the bottom are some external links that are very good also. Interesting to note that the Puritans called his utopian settlement “Merry Mount” since that is what they did there, merrily mounting the May pole. Or to quote Thomas himself “Io to Hymen!”. And another name was Mount Dagon, especially in light of the fact that Lovecraft wrote his stories in New England. So did the Great Old Ones really discover America? I guess the AmerIndians should call Thanksgiving “What the F**k were we thinking?” Day.

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I wrote this post last year for Witches and Pagans, but I thought some of you might enjoy it over here and it is appropriate for the season…


Ah yes…Thanksgiving. That time of year in America where we stuff ourselves full of turkey deliciousness and pie, then pass out in front of a football game, while probably saying “thank you Gods” for having a few paid days off of work. Of course, this isn’t what the holiday is actually about, but, as Pagans, we’ve already had our “Hooray, we got through another harvest!” feast.

When we were children, our schools filled us with images of peaceful Pilgrims and Native Americans sitting down to celebrate survival together. Hand print turkeys ran rampant over our decorations and buckled shoes seem to magically appear everywhere.

b2ap3_thumbnail_turkey-images.jpg (Oh common, you can’t tell me that you still wouldn’t do this if you got the…

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3 thoughts on “The Other Thanksgiving

  1. That was a really interesting article – I have never heard of Thomas Morton. He sounds really great – typical his idea’s were quashed by less tolerant folk.

  2. I find it interesting they changed the name Ma-re Mount to Merry Mount. Wonder whether there’s some kind of mare goddess imagery going on?…

    • One article said it was what the Indians called it, but i don’t know if that was before or after he moved there. Not sure if they were mounting Mary or mounting Mares ;)

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