First Snow

Here in the north central Appalachians I am getting our first snow of the season. It is very quiet and peaceful and beautiful. Temperature is around 26F so it is laying for a bit until it all turns to rain later this afternoon. The red is not a cardinal but a red feather handing from a string of small mirrors off of a snaky vine hanging near the altar in “Snakehendge” out back. Just walked out to fill the bird feeders and hope they are not torn down by a hungry bear before their hibernation.

first snow nov 2014

Enjoy and be blessed.

3 thoughts on “First Snow

  1. It’s cold in Lancashire- Monday morning was freezing and beautiful with the a clear cut quarter moon clearly visible, but not quite snow time yet…

    • We get these pretty little snows as early as Halloween, but last year we barely got any. It has been below average temps though and my stream had ice around the edges a couple days so far.

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