Learn Witchcraft in Two Minutes and Hand-poked Cremation Ash Tattoos

Yesterday I found the Blue Flame Magick blog, which is from a blogger who practices both Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism AND Western Ceremonial Magick, just like i do. That is pretty rare. Its a shame he does not post more often but the blog is worth reading through for what he has written so far.

On a lighter note I found these two links, the first of which amazed me and the second made me laugh.

hand tattoo


First at a website called Needlesandsins.com is this article called Hand-poked cremation ashes tattoo where you can get your relatives or friends cremation ashes mixed in with black ink and get a hand poked tat from a needle with a human bone handle. Sounds like an interesting idea, but if you though your relatives were a pain when they were alive……. The picture above is from their site.

And this second video cracked me up, which is basically how to learn Witchcraft in two minutes. I like how she uses a Ginsu knife for her athame. LOL. It looks like Anna Akana has a few hilarious video posts on various subjects like this.