A Day for Old St Clem

Here is some good research and insight into the connections between the old blacksmith god Wayland Smith and his latest incarnation in the local St Clement. I like this blog, and make sure you read his About page to see where he is coming from. Enjoy!

Pilgrim's Way

StClementNovember 24th, performed at Woolwich docks every year (a place my maternal Grandparents were very familiar with), on the banks of the River Thames.  The apprentice blacksmiths gathered, the most senior being chosen to represent Old Clem himself.  Old Clem was seated upon a large wooden chair, wearing a large overcoat, wig, face mask with long white beard.  The chair had upon it a wooden anchor and crown, symbols of St Clement.  Old Clem however holds a wooden hammer and pair of tongs, before him sits a wooden anvil, archetypal symbols of the Blacksmith.  He was carried aloft by six men before a great procession who listened on as Old Clem made his speech:

“I am the Real St Clement
The first founder of brass, iron and steel from the ore
I have been to Mount Etna
Where the God Vulcan first built his forge
And forged the…

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2 thoughts on “A Day for Old St Clem

    • Great poem, and i hope others who read this post follow this link. I always wished i could learn the blacksmith’s art, but it was not to be. It is truly magick. My sister’s one son while a teen learned blacksmithing in his home schooling and i was lucky enough to talk him into selling me a hand made blade whose hilt looks like an abstract goddess form, and the metal is multicoloured by some technique he used.

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